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The Fear And Anxiety For Your Baby’s Safety Is Normal (But It Still Sucks)

I’m a pretty high anxiety guy anyway, but having a baby has put my anxiety on steroids. Here’s a story from just this morning… My 7-month-old has been sleeping in pretty late the past few days, like noon to 1:30pm late. He goes to sleep around 10pm. He still takes
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Lose The Baby Weight (And Making Money Doing It!)

Getting a bigger belly during pregnancy… it’s not just for moms anymore! I’ve heard this referred to as “sympathy weight gain,” but that makes it sound like husbands gain weight just to make their wives feel better. A more accurate term would probably be “stress weight gain,” because we’re freaking
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How I Get My Six-Month-Old To Nap Every Day (So I Can Get Stuff Done) UPDATED

When you work from home, getting your newborn baby on a routine is both (nearly) impossible and absolutely essential. What I’ve learned in my five and a half months of fatherhood is that “routines” only last a few weeks before I have to figure out something new. It’s a constantly
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