I’m a work-from-home, stay-at-home dad to an amazing little boy. I’m husband to an amazing wife. I’m a writer. I’m a sufferer of major depression and anxiety.

These things are listed in order of importance to me, but probably not in order of how much they affect my life. I’m fairly new to the parenting game. My little boy is only five-months-old, and every day is a new learning experience.

My wife is the “breadwinner” for our family at the moment, with my writing gigs only bringing in a small amount of money. I’m working on advancing in the writing game though, hopefully with the help of this blog.

My writing career wasn’t exactly skyrocketing to the top before my son was born, but I made a modest amount writing about comic books and movies.

When we found out my wife was pregnant, we talked about how well it worked out since daycares charge insane amounts, and I wasn’t going to make that much behind a cash register (which is what I was doing before I started writing online.)

I’m also working on a Western-Fantasy novel, a blogging ebook, and various other creative writing projects.

Keep up with all the goings-on as I raise my infant son as a Happy Stay-At-Home Dad: The Happy SAHD.