Getting a bigger belly during pregnancy… it’s not just for moms anymore! I’ve heard this referred to as “sympathy weight gain,” but that makes it sound like husbands gain weight just to make their wives feel better. A more accurate term would probably be “stress weight gain,” because we’re freaking out about taking care of a tiny, helpless human. And most parents will agree that to lose weight while you’re doing this can be extremely hard.

Being the proactive, initiative-taking guy that I am, I got fat long before we found out we were going to have a baby… I’m just that sympathetic… I also continued to put on weight throughout the pregnancy, eventually hitting the heaviest I’d ever been… SYMPATHY!

It was when our baby was born that I realized I didn’t want him to grow up seeing me as “fat dad.” I want my kids to sort of secretly suspect I’m a superhero. But more importantly, I want to be active and healthy as long as I can, so I can watch my kids grow up and create their own lives.

Most of all, I want to set the right kind of example for my kids with a healthy lifestyle. Like I said, I’ve been fat for a long time. I was a fat kid all throughout school, so I know better than anyone how brutal kids can be. I don’t want my own kids to have to go through the same kind of ridicule that I went through.

Finding the Motivation to Keep Losing Weight

I could grow a longer beard and be Santa, or lose weight.
His shirt: Daddy’s Jedi (with a lightsaber), My shirt: Daddy (with Darth Vader’s helmet)


I don’t really have any reason that I can’t get in shape. Exercising kind of sucks, but once I get into a good routine, I actually kind of enjoy it. My problem is that I love pizza and soda too much.

Losing fat and building muscle is like 90% diet, so I decide to start eating healthier and I stick with it for a few days, then a day comes along where I just really crave a Mountain Dew. Then before I know it, one slip-up in my healthy habits snowballs into a complete diet sabotage. It’s happened to me dozens of times.

Then a few months ago, my mother-in-law actually suggested a program called HealthyWage to my wife and me. Basically, you place a wager that you can lose 6% of your total body weight in 3 months with hundreds or thousands of other users. At the end of the 3 months, the entire pot is divided up among the participants who successfully completed the challenge. I entered 4 different challenges, and have thus far won a total of almost $300 from the 3 that I’ve finished.

Would You Drink a $300 Soda?

Having my own money invested in the outcome of a weight loss challenge changed my perspective on sticking with it. Every time a friend offered me a soda or a slice of pizza, I saw an imaginary price tag of $300 floating above it. Because that’s what it would cost me to lose the challenge.

My wife and I only have one challenge left (the long-term weight goal), and we each have about $300 riding on it, just for that one challenge, and who doesn’t like a nice payday to go along with looking good. So far, I’m down about 20 pounds from my starting weight, and my wife is down even more, which is especially impressive considering she just had a baby in January.

Lose Weight At Your Own Pace

I think the main motivation, really, is that you’re placing a bet on yourself. You’re holding yourself accountable with your own money, and if that’s not enough for you, you can join up with a buddy and lose weight as a team.

But if the 3-month window is a little too daunting, set a long-term goal with the HealthyWager Challenge. You get to choose what your end goal is, and you can give yourself as much time as you want to reach it. If you want to lose 20 pounds over the next 12 months, you’re free to do so. Just choose your bet (You can pay monthly installments or one lump sum), set your goal day, and start to lose weight… on your terms.

If you’re interested in making some money while you get healthier, then bet on yourself here. You can participate in up to 10 challenges at a time, either as an individual or with a team if you need the extra motivation.

Good luck with getting healthy! Bet on yourself today and get paid to get in shape! Buy yourself something nice in three months to celebrate!


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