I actually got this video of my son being calmed by the Foo Fighters at only three-months-old. As newborns tend to do, he would often cry for basically no reason at all. I mean aside from the whole “literally discovering everything about their own existence” thing.

I’m a big Foo Fighters fan, so I was literally introducing our baby to their music in the womb. Seriously. My wife was seven months pregnant at the concert.

So it was even more awesome for me when I discovered that my son’s screaming fits were no match for the thunderous melodies of my favorite band.

When your baby is screaming, you tend to move as quick as you can to try to calm them down, so, unfortunately, this is the only video I’ve taken of the Foo Fighters’ effect on my baby, but it’s video proof that music soothes the savage baby.

Next time your newborn is screaming like crazy, try the Foo Fighters! (Or really any music. Some songs work better than others!)

Sorry for the vertical video…

Like I said, I prepared my baby for the Foo Fighters early on in the womb. My recommendation would be to play whatever music you love to your baby in utero, and maybe it will be that magic calming trick you need after they’re born.